G2 Sparkabot Tech Specs

Tech Specs
G2 Tech Specs

Note: Whilst in G1 these toys were called Firecons, they were called Sparkabots in G2 - it's not a typo.

(Physical model: G2 Flamefeather)
Function: Electrical Engineer
"The best way to control others is to be out of control"

Believes blind rage leads nowhere, but spends most of his time ready to shred anyone who crosses him. Edgy, angry, but in control. While Fury appears to be out of control most of the time, he isn't. But others believe he is, which he uses to his advantage. Loves the look of fear in a foe's eyes before he torches them. Able to breathe flames large enough to incinerate humans, and lightning bolts capable of shorting out most Transformers. Likes inducing electrical storms when he's not busy. Not a capable flyer in bird mode, sometimes get caught in the storms he creates.

Str: 5 Int: 7 Spd: 7 End: 7 Rnk: 5 Cor: 6 Frp: 9 Skl: 9

(Physical model: G2 Sparkstalker)
Function: Diversion
"Confusion is the greatest weapon"

Lightshow's sole purpose on the battlefield is to distract the enemy. Carries all sorts of spotlights, strobes and flares, in an array of colours. He's very good at what he does, his bright colours and ability to light up in both modes means he not only distracts but blinds the enemy to anything else around him. Lightshow's not very strong or fast, however, meaning that in actual combat he's at a disadvantage to most adversaries. Something of a coward, but with good reason, Lightshow's firepower is considerable, but he's all but useless at close range. Lightshow knows his own weakness only too well, and when threatened becomes useless to his cause, as paranoia takes over. Aside from flares, Lightshow has an array of missiles that he can shoot from his forearms, and can breathe flames in dragon mode.

Str: 3 Int: 5 Spd: 4 End: 3 Rnk: 5 Cor: 4 Frp: 9 Skl: 9

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