G2 Cyberjet Tech Specs

Tech Specs
G2 Tech Specs

(Physical model: Cyberjet Strafe)
Function: Cavalier
"Die in battle or don't live at all"

On the surface, Nosedive appears to have no sense of danger. Always a hothead, has been likened to a kamakaze pilot. His more daring (or stupid, depending on how you look at it) feats surprise everyone, often including himself. He does have a sense of danger, but doesn't let danger stop him from doing anything. It's not that he's stupid, it's just that he doesn't _care_. The way he sees it, he may as well die doing something worthwhile, since he's probably going to die someday anyway. He's an unusual asset to Autobot strategists - if needed, they have a suicidal warrior to incorporate into their plans. He knows his own limits, but usually doesn't let them stop him have some fun (as he puts it). Built to combat the Decepticon Cyberjets, he's a deft flyer, although he's not the best flyer around. But because he's willing to do anything, he's a very effective aerial soldier. Needs a lot of maintenance, but not as much as you'd expect a thrillseeker to require. Nosedive carries two time-delay bombs which only detonate once embedded in their target. He's not too well armoured as a robot, because he was built to be light. Far more vulnerable in robot mode (not that it bothers him, of course) than jet mode. Carries radar-jamming equipment and has limited stealth abilities.

Str: 7 Int: 4 Spd: 9.5 End: 6 Rnk: 5 Cor: 10 Frp: 9 Skl: 7

(Physical model: Cyberjet Air Raid)
Function: Search and Destroy
"You can run, but you'll lose"

Something of a daredevil, Ravine is the Autobot's hitman come kamikaze. He's not exactly a thrillseeker by choice, but his role dictates that he has to take risks to maintain stealth and destroy a target. As a result, he's adopted a stealth jet mode, and he's accepted the fact that his role's going to mean a life of high maintenance. When he's not chasing, he likes to spend his time studying Earthen military hardware - not just jets like himself but WWII fighters and WWI/WWII tanks. Carries a variety of assassination tools as a robot and a arm-mounted harpoon gun in both modes.

Str: 6 Int: 8 Spd: 9 End: 9 Rnk: 5 Cor: 6 Frp: 5 Skl: 8

(Physical model: Cyberjet Jetfire)
Function: Scientist
"War is, ultimately, futile"

Once a Decepticon, Skyfire defected and joined the Autobots when he realised that the Decepticons were the ones initiating the war. A pacifist, he fights only to end conflict, not for the sake of fighting itself. Once close friends with Starscream, feels betrayed by his friend. Loyal to the Autobots, believes in their cause - ending conflict - more than he ever believed in Decepticon ways. Armed with a time delay missile launcher, can shoot missiles and blow them up remotely.

Str: 6 Int: 9 Spd: 7 End: 6 Rnk: 7 Cor: 8 Frp: 6 Skl: 8

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