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Tech Specs
G1 Tech Specs

(Physical model: White Astrotrain reissue)
Function: Long Distance Materials Transport
"I'll be where the action isn't"

Because of the nature of his job, Express usually finds himself on long missions, often away from the battlefront and from other Decepticons. While he doesn't care for battle, he doesn't like being alone for long periods. He likes to be the centre of attention, thinks highly of himself, as a result doesn't feel comfortable when noone's around to focus on him. He has something of a disdain for battle, sees himself as too important to risk, but at times he'd rather be in battle than all alone carrying a payload across the void of space. He's very fuel efficient, and can spend up to eight weeks in shuttle mode without refuelling. Carries a solar-powered fireball cannon, the power of which increases five-fold in direct starlight. Not all Decepticons share his high opinion of himself, sometimes gets into fights with comrades over his disdain for combat.

Str: 6 Int: 6 Spd: 10 End: 10 Rnk: 6 Cor: 6 Frp: 8 Skl: 7

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