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G1 Tech Specs

Omnibot Tech Specs

+ Camshaft
+ Downshift
+ Overdrive

Powerdasher Tech Specs

+ Burn (Plane Powerdasher)
+ Dart (Car Powerdasher)
+ Corerunner (Drill Powerdasher)

Binaltech Tech Specs

+ Chase (Red Meister)
+ "TF Universe" style entry for Chase

+ Emirate Xaaron (Yellow Tracks)
+ "TF Universe" style entry for Emirate Xaaron

+ Getsuei (Blue Prowl)
+ "TF Universe" style entry for Getsuei

Minicar Tech Specs

+ Hornet (Red Bumblebee)
+ Switchblade (Yellow Cliffjumper)
+ Cliffbee (Red Microman Bumblejumper)

Micromaster Bios
All the Micromasters except for Full-Barrel & Overflow are here, with their own bios. Note: Some of these are by KKC, and I've mentioned this where appropriate.

European Constructicon Tech Specs

+ Harbinger (Bonecrusher)
+ Tremor (Scrapper)
+ Livewire (Hook)
+ Trance (Mixmaster)
+ Jackhammer (Scavenger)
+ Load Hauler (Long Haul)

eHobby Gobot Tech Specs

+ Bad Boy
+ Pathfinder
+ Treads
I split the team with Goktimus Prime, and his specs are included:
+ Bug Bite
+ Road Ranger
+ Small Foot

Los Guerreros Negros (The Black Warriors)
Spanish speaking Autobots, including:

+ Sombra (Black Wing)
+ Echador (Black Waver)
+ Rociada (Black Dash)
+ Apagón (Black Tacker)
+ Nueces (Black Mach)
+ Trastos (Black Tackle)
+ Trueno (Black Landcross)

Other G1 Tech Specs

+ Express (White Astrotrain reissue)
+ TackleWaver (one permutation of the Multiforce set)

Feel free to use any of these characters in fanfic works, so long as you let me know and credit for the characters' creation.

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