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Cloak & Dagger
(Physical model: Fox Kids! Transmetal Tarantulas)
Function: Troop Motivation
"Every cloud has a shiny silver lining"

Cloak & Dagger's dark exterior couldn't contrast more with his role in the Maximal army. As one of the most upbeat Maximals, he's perfectly suited for his job. Not surprisingly, he's not too worried about his dark and somewhat sombre appearance. Looking like a merchant of doom does give him great stealth. When he slinks into a room, he cheers the place up, once he's actually noticed. His biggest shortcoming is his inability to foresee trouble arising, which does sometimes get him in trouble - although this is probably the only way being an eternal optimist really works against him. While he's very charismatic and well hidden, he's not well armed. His spider legs become slashing blades in close combat, but he lacks any ranged weapons.

Str: 4 Int:8 Spd: 7 End: 6 Rnk: 7 Cor: 9 Frp: 2 Skl: 5

(Physical model: Fox Kids! Transmetal Rhinox)
Function: Cavalier
"Beast mode is better, and that's that "

No longer a tough nut In a small shell, Rhino is now a tough nut is a hefty shell Not only is he hardheaded, but he has the strength to back his words up. In his conversion to a Transmetal, he gained a tank-like mode, which is faster than his top running speed in either mode, but still relatively slow. He's grateful for the increase in speed, and he's also a touch stronger than before. The biggest drawback of this new body is that his rhino mode plate armour isn't as thick. While he's much better armoured as a robot than before, he still avoids that mode as much as possible. His favourite weapon - his horn - is now his only weapon in both modes. While it's stronger than before, he's no longer got any sort of ranged weapon.

Str: 10 Int: 4 Spd: 6 End: 9 Rnk: 5 Cor: 7 Frp: 4 Skl: 5

(Physical model: Fox Kids! Transmetal Rattrap)
Function: Lure
"Catch me if you can!"

Argentus loves to roll, which would seem to make his role as a lure the perfect job. The problem is, he loves speed. He often rolls so fast that he manages to lose enemies who are meant to follow him into traps. His fellow Predacons have become accustomed to this, and will often just spring the trap on him when it becomes apparent he's lured no one else into the ambush. Apart from this he's well suited, since he's very fast and deft in speedster mode, and as rat he can climb and wiggle into all sorts of places. His ability to evade fire has saved his hide over and over - and he's not always trying to escape Maximal fire, but Predacon as well. While he's not unpopular as such, he's not highly respected within Predacon circles, he uses his cunning to keep his head attached. Armed with eye lasers in rat & speedster modes, and tail whip in robot mode.

Str: 4 Int: 4 Spd: 9 End: 8 Rnk: 3 Cor: 7 Frp: 3 Skl: 9

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