Sydney Hasbro Event 8 November 2008

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Hasbro Australia organised a TF:Animated event for outside K-Mart on Broadway. One of the Hasbro toy designers, Eric Siebenaler, was in attendance, drawing stuff for the kiddies. A few adult fans turned up (including griffin, who flew down from Brisbane), and we had a good chat to Eric. Which occasionally drifted onto the subject of Transformers (c8

Eric drawing for some kids

An other angle, showing some of the promo posters

griffin in an Animated-themed shirt, next to an Animated poster

Eric & a Hasbro promotions employee, Kristen

One of the kids, beaming that he gets to take home Eric's drawing

griffin, i_amtrunks & Fit For Natalie

I rarely wear Transformers themed shirts to these sort of events

Eric signed an Oil Slick toy I bought specifically for this purpose (he designed it). Now he's trying to stab it

Lee got to take one of the promo posters home, with free autograph

Lee & Eric, with poster

L-R: Fit For Natalie, griffin, Goktimus Prime, Lee, dirge & Eric

Goktimus Prime proudly wearing griffin's Time Warrior

Later in the day, griffin, Goktimus Prime & myself rang into heroic_decepticon

Purry (my acquisitions tag) marks Oil Slick as her territory

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