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Tech Specs
G1 Tech Specs

A "clone" of Meister just didn't seem to fit. I mean, here's this kickass red RX-8 which isn't really given a proper character. I felt this was a lost opportunity, that they should have paid tribute to another G1 Autobot. Chase seemed like the best fit..

"Hunters drive; targets park."


An impetuous Autobot by nature, so when Chase decided that he wanted to undergo the Binaltech conversion process, he set to it with no delay and did so before anyone had a chance to stop him - much less tell him to wait. Of course, this meant that there wasn't time for the development team to create a unique body schematic for Chase, and instead of waiting - and allowing others the chance to stop him - he went ahead and adopted the "Meister" design which had been developed for Jazz. While Optimus Prime was initially annoyed, the resulting upgrade on Chase's Throttlebot form was hard to argue with. Still a braggart who lives his life at breakneck speed, Chase now has a body that matches his formerly deluded self-appreciation.


Carries a photon rifle, which was initially identical to that of Jazz, but has since had radar capabilities added. Able to travel at speeds up to 400kph for extended periods thanks to the efficient rotary engine that comes with his RX-8 vehicle mode. Chase always felt somewhat inferior to other Autobots, being part of a team he felt was on the periphery of the Autobot army. As a Binaltech with far superior technology and without the mechanical problems that plagued his Throttlebot form, Chase’s self doubt has now disappeared, hence the conversion has made him a far more effective warrior.


Most of Chase's weaknesses have disappeared. His Throttlebot form was plagued with mechanical problems, which have now been rectified - indeed his Mazda Renesis engine is amongst the finest in the Autobot fleet. Chase's vision has actually regressed, since his Throttlebot vision was superior to that the Meister design has. Chase sometimes forgets his vision is now relatively hampered, which means he's more likely to crash as a vehicle.

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