Beast Wars Tech Specs Index

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BW Tech Specs

Beast Wars Happy Meal Toys Tech Specs

+ Beetle
+ Rhino
+ Manta Ray
+ Panther

Magnaboss Component Tech Specs

+ Prowl
+ Silverbolt
+ Ironhide
+ Magnaboss (for reference)

Fox Kids! Recolours Tech Specs

+ Cloak & Dagger (FK Transmetal Tarantulas)
+ Rhino (FK Transmetal Rhinox)
+ Argentus (FK Transmetal Rattrap)

Maximal Mining Team
Set in BW Universe, including:

+ Sajourn (Sonic Attack Jet)
+ Crosswire (Nightcruz)
+ Pacer (Mirage GT)
+ Dynamight (Scavenger)

Feel free to use any of these characters in fanfic works, so long as you let me know and credit for the characters' creation.

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