Aussie Links

Aussie Links

Lexicon: Transformers Fanfics, Essays, Author Interviews and More...!
Run by Charl, this is THE Fanfic/Essay site for Transfans the world over.

Griffin's Resource Guide
What can I say about this guy? He single-handedly runs the Ozformers board & newsletter and travels to BotCon USA every year.

The OzFormers Message Board
Again maintained by Griffin, fan extraordinaire. A place for Aussie Transfans to talk Transformers without fear of persecution.

Planet Sabreton
By Goktimus Prime - includes Transfan Of The World Unite! (you can have your mugshot there for all to see) and Gok's Message Board.

Sofaman's Beast Wars ID Guide
A site dedicated to identifying Beast Wars and Beast Machines toy accessories.

Omega Nation
By Omega - Lots of cool TF stuff like toy reviews, episode lists and other stuff that's proof just how little there is to do in Gippsland.

Paul's TF Web Space
By Paul Frawley - includes English translations of the popular Transformers:Generations book.

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