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Armadaverse & TFU Tech Specs

Minicon Tech Specs (repaints written as G1 Micromasters)

+ Sonic Boom (Jetstorm)
+ Re-entry (Sonar)
+ Shellshock (Runway)

+ Hot Spot (recoloured Firebot)
+ Overdrive (recoloured Makeshift)
+ Smokescreen (recoloured Prowl)

Predacon Tech Specs

+ Predacon
+ Sideways
+ Slicks (Skid-Z)

Pirate Team Tech Specs
The blue Sea Team repaints - A group of Minicons who abandon the Transformers and become Pirates. Ahoy!

+ Gold Digger (Stormcloud)
+ Ballast (Oceanglide)
+ Hoplite (Waterlog)

Powerlynx Tech Specs

+ Prime Convoy (Optimus Prime)
+ Corona (Corona Sparkplug)
+ Nightclaw (Cheetor)
+ Smoulder (Cliffjumper)

Ultra Magnus Tech Specs (written as G1)

+ Ultra Magnus
+ Knock Out
+ Astroscope
+ Payload
+ Skyblast

Ramhorn Tech Spec

TFU Triceradon written as G1 Ramhorn

TFU Ramjet & Minicons
Tech specs for the "Spring Value Pack", written in Armada Continuity, with new names given to each toy. Including:

+ Frostbite (Ramjet)
+ Starburst (Thunderwing)
+ Backlash (Terradive)
+ Gunpoint (Gunbarrel)
+ Icicle (Thunderclash)

Hustle & Wingtip
Tech specs for the TFU Air Raid and Wind Sheer, set in the G1 Continuity. Including:

+ Hustle (Wind Sheer)
+ Wingtip (Air Raid)

Time Warrior
Tech specs for the Cybertron Galaxy Force Vector Prime as Time Warrior, set in the G1 Continuity.

Feel free to use any of these characters in fanfic works, so long as you let me know and credit for the characters' creation.

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