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+ 16 November 2008 - Photo Gallery from Sydney Transfans Meet 16 November 2008.

+ 15 November 2008 - Photo Gallery from Sydney Hasbro TF:Animated Event November 2008, featuring Eric Siebenaler.

+ Noteworthy link added -, a bilingual English/German database of Transformers added to my links. I'm mentioning it here because it has a searchable ID database (alt mode/colour/series), which should provide a useful tool alongside my reviews.

+ General site update - I've made some tweaks to the server configuration in the last few weeks, which should make things a lot quicker.

+ 2 November 2008 - Australian Toylist updated, Movie, Animated, 6" Titanium and Fox Kids! Beast Wars listings updated, Universe 2.0 listing added.

+ 29 July 2008 - Photo Gallery from Sydney Transfans Meet July 2008.

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Gratuitous picture of Dirge

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